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Opening the Gladstone Bag to reveal an insight in to WW1

Opening the Gladstone bag!

My dear Auntie Mollie recently celebrated her 90th birthday.

Friends and family celebrate Mollie Pearson's 90th birthday

Friends and family celebrate Mollie Pearson’s 90th birthday. Mollie is second right on front row

Mollie decided to hand over for archiving her special Gladstone bag containing her treasures. The bag we think goes back to Great Grandparents Drewery or even perhaps my Great Grandmother who was a Jones and her Father was a liscensed Vitualler in the East End of London at the Angel Public House – Richard Jenkins Jones. The bag has had some restoration stitching at some stage.

Gladstone Bag

Gladstone Bag

Many of the items found in the bag belonged to my Grandfather Drewery who served in WW1.

Grandpa Drewery & his medals

Grandpa Drewery & his medals

See below for a few of the items that I found. I plan to get more information about some of the other items before posting additional photos and details. Hope you will want to come back and see what I discover!


Dressing pack dated 1941


William Drewery’s Will


Two trench maps and two general maps of France



Christmas Card from WRD


Front page of handwritten notebook belonging to Grandpa Drewery


Field Service Postcard Unused

Field Service Postcard Unused

Mentioned in despatches and photo of Norfolk Regiment

Mentioned in despatches and photo of Norfolk Regiment