PASS IT ON…………..

I felt I must share this beautiful post from my school friend Gina. I am sure it will touch a cord with so many of us and maybe we will feel able to ‘Pass it on’.

Gina Kirkham



In the early hours of a quiet February morning, just as the sun was appearing over the trees to shine through the window, I held my beautiful and so loved Mum in my arms as I kissed her for the very last time.

Stroking her lovely face I told her that it was time to let go.  She sighed and peacefully slipped away to a place without pain, without sadness and without fear.

She had lost her brave battle with cancer and the world suddenly became a much emptier and lonelier place for me.

Today is that anniversary.  I miss her every single day, she was not only my Mum, she was my best friend, my mentor and my guide.

She was incredibly funny, hugely kind hearted, strong, compassionate, stubborn and at times, excruciatingly frustrating, but she was my Mum. She truly was one in a million…

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