Letter written by my Gt Uncle Sub-Lient. RNUR in 1945

I found this letter in my late Father’s archive and I think it warrants sharing so here we go:

Letter from Colombo in 1945

Letter from Colombo in 1945

Jim Haworth Letter 1945 side 1_NEW

This letter was written by my Great Uncle when he was a Sub-Lieut. RNUR in 1945. I think the Air Mail is fascinating with the statement across the top ‘Security – Think – before you write!!’ Uncle Jim studied English at St John’s Oxford and I think you can tell from his writing style. I am amused by his lack of ambition when nowadays so many seem to be ambitious.

Note his reference to an attack of dysentry and being sent to Nuwara Eliya to recover. I have found reference to this area on wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuwara_Eliya

I love the discussion about the North versus South. Having been born in Lancashire he then subsequently lived in Essex and Suffolk!

Small image of Jim Haworth

Graduation photo 1939 Oxford

Graduation photo 1939 Oxford

Sadly no photos of him in his uniform. He was a delightful man who we miss a great deal. Interestingly both his sons acquired his writing skills.


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